Asbestos Removal Edinburgh

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Guidance suggests that asbestos can remain in place if it is in good condition and is unlikely to be disturbed. However, often asbestos materials have become damaged and repair or removal may be required.

Where asbestos removal is required, ASK Environmental’s depth of knowledge of legislation allows us to assist our clients in achieving their goals in a controlled, safe and efficient manner. ASK Environmental can facilitate each stage of the process as follows:
Why It’s Important to Have Asbestos Removed Safely

Asbestos used to be a common building material that still exists in many buildings today – but it’s also one that can pose a serious danger. If your home contains asbestos, it’s important that a professional removes it so that you don’t have to worry about the potential danger it poses.

Asbestos products aren’t dangerous unless they break. When asbestos breaks, it can release small, microscopic fibers that will circulate throughout the air and that can enter your lungs when you inhale. Asbestos that is older has more of a chance of breaking. When asbestos is breathed in, it can get trapped in your lungs and can build up in your lung tissue. This, in turn, can lead to several different diseases.
Project Management

ASK Environmental can manage a removal project from start to finish on behalf of our clients. This can include producing a detailed specification and/or tender document for the removal, safely escorting prospective removal contractors to site to allow them to provide a quotation and evaluating tender submissions alongside our clients. Once the removal work begins, we can carry out site audits to ensure work is being undertaken in accordance with the original method statement and the approved practises along the way. We can assist with all aspects of the management of the project, including the budget.
Licensed Removal
Asbestos Removal Edinburgh

The removal of higher risk asbestos-containing materials (sprayed asbestos coatings, asbestos insulation, asbestos lagging and most work involving asbestos insulating board (AIB) should only be carried out by a licensed contractor. Licensed asbestos removal work is a significantly hazardous because it involves higher risk asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). These materials are more likely to release larger quantities of asbestos fibres when being removed than lower risk materials (such as bonded materials in good condition like vinyl floor tiles). ASK Environmental are fully licensed and capable of carrying out asbestos removal jobs of any size, and we would be pleased to provide a quotation for any removal works that may be required. ASK Environmental have vast experience in asbestos removal within all of the following sectors:

Ask Environmental team asbestos removal

– Retail
– Construction – Commercial and Housing sectors
– Rail
– Agriculture
– Education
– Health (NHS Trusts)
– Domestic

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